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11:20 PM
1 A technician is troubleshooting a Windows machine that is not communicating with the network server. The technician verifies that the server is not reachable and ipconfig shows that the workstation is configured properly. What should the technician do next?

2 Which three of the following network configuration parameters can be set during installation? (Choose three.)
IP address
DNS server address
subnet mask

3 Which distribution is one of the oldest and viewed as being one of the most significant?
Red Hat

4 Which Microsoft option will use the Internet to contact a vendor's website in search of patches, fixes, and updates?
Windows Update

5 Which of the following is considered good practice when partitioning a hard disk for a new OS? (Choose two.)
A third party partitioning tool that supports the operating systems to be installed should be used.f
The partitioning tool that comes with the OS should be used to create the partitions for that OS, if no other options are available.

6 Which two of the following commands can be used to configure security for a Linux system that is acting as a dedicated firewall? (Choose two.)



7 Which two of the following devices are most likely to have drivers that are already compiled into a modern Linux kernel? (Choose two.)
sound card
USB device

8 What allows Linux applications to print to non-PostScript printers?

9 Which two of the following standards describe proper security for usernames and passwords? (Choose two.)
The level of password control for assigning passwords should match the level of protection required.

Password expiration and lockout rules should be clearly defined and communicated to network users.

10 What are three network operating systems? (Choose three.)
Windows XP
Windows NT
Windows 2000

11 When developing a network security plan, what are three factors that should be considered? (Choose three.)
the type of business conducted by the company and any laws pertaining to confidentiality of data
the type of data stored on the company network
the management philosophy and how it is presented to employees

12 Which of the following commands will show a listing of all the Linux commands and a brief description?
man intro

13 Which of the following is the most popular type of package manager available for Linux?

14 Which four parts of a Linux file system are often located in dedicated partitions? (Choose four.)
swap file

15 A new administrator has discovered that kernel messages are not saved to a log file when the system is booted. The LILO boot loader is used. What can the administrator do to correct this?
put the line dmesg > /var/log/boot.messsages in the /etc/rc.d/rc.local file

16 If the kill command is used on a computer running Linux without specifying a signal, which signal is used by default?

17 An instructor in a small college is putting together systems on which students will practice installing Windows 2000 Advanced Server. The instructor has been given 133 MHz Pentium computers with 128 MB of RAM, 2 GB hard drive, and a 12X CD-ROM drive. Which component needs to be upgraded to bring the machines up to the recommended standard for Windows 2000 Advanced Server?


18 If network users cannot access an FTP server, what are two ways to stop and restart the FTP service on a Windows 2000 server? (Choose two.)
click on the Services and Applications > Services tab in the MMC
select Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

19 Which three of the following file systems can be used to format a Windows NOS partition? (Choose three.)



20 Which three of the following statements correctly describe topologies? (Choose three.)
The physical topology of a network refers to the path data travels from a source to a destination.
The logical topology of a network refers to the path signals travel from a source to a destination.
A ring topology can refer to either a physical or logical topology.
A physical topology describes the actual layout of network devices.

21 The Apache web server has been installed on a Linux server and is being configured. The administrator wishes to change the location of the web pages that will be served to /home/www and knows that the main configuration file contains this directive. What is the name of the file that needs to be edited?

22 Why might the administrator of a small company choose Windows 2000 Server instead of Windows 2000 Professional?
The system is to act as a DNS server.

23 Which two of the following standards are necessary for proper virus protection? (Choose two.)

Virus protection software should be installed on all workstations and servers.
One person should be responsible for communicating virus alerts to all users.

24 A technician wishes to load Linux onto a new computer system that currently has no operating system loaded on the single hard drive. The technician wishes to boot from the installation CD but the message 'Media error' keeps appearing. What should the technician do next?
check the BIOS to make sure the CD-ROM is the first boot device


The table shows the users and groups that have permission to access a file and the permissions they have in a Windows XP system. If User1 is a member of the User group but not a member of the Administrator group, which users can delete the file?
User1 and any member of the Administrator group

26 Which statement accurately describes the Slackware Linux distribution?
It is designed for advanced users and uses text-based configuration tools.

27 A user wants to give other network users access to a folder on a Windows 2000 system. After right-clicking on the folder, which item should the user select?

28 In Windows 2000 Professional, which of the following functions can a user perform without administrator rights?
add a mapping to a network printer

29 Which two of the following statements are true about Linux scripts? (Choose two.)
Scripts are executed in a top down fashion.
Scripts can be created using the vi text editor.
Scripts cannot contain commands.
A script is part of the OS.

30 Which extension is found on the end of files that have been compressed using the compress program?


31 Which three of the following statements about memory are true? (Choose three.)
RAM is faster than the hard disk of a computer.
Virtual memory can be used to compensate for a lack of physical memory.
A lack of available RAM will impact the performance of a computer.

32 Which mode of the vi text editor will be accessed by typing a colon (:)?

33 While using a non-administrator Windows 2000 account, an administrator is asked to add a new user to the system. What is the easiest way for the administrator to create a new user?
The administrator enters Administrator Tools without changing to the Administrator account then right-clicks on Computer Management and selects Run as. After entering the Administrator account password the administrator can create a new user.
34 A technician has determined that the reason a Linux system refuses to boot is that the /etc/fstab file is corrupt. What should the technician do to try to repair the system?
boot the system using an emergency boot disk floppy and then edit the /etc/fstab file on the hard drive
35 When using Linux, which of the following commands is used to perform a low-level format?

36 Which of the following situations can be addressed by using the fsck command?
A user must repair the file structure after an unexpected power failure causes a system to abruptly shut down.
37 What are two steps in the creation of a Windows 2000 or Windows XP script? (Choose two.)
write the script code and save as ASCII text
save the script with the appropriate filename extension for the scripting language used

38 Which of the following commands would allow a user to switch from a user account to the root account to execute a program that requires root permissions?

39 What is the System Monitor tool?
It is a Windows 2000 and XP tool that shows graphically the utilization of a number of system resources over a period of time.

40 What is the name of a free software program that is useful for monitoring security breaches on Linux servers without enhancing security?

41 How can an administrator assist a Windows 2000 user with a forgotten password?
set a new password for the user in the Computer Management tool

42 Which of the following Linux commands is used to create a directory?


43 Which of the following commands can be used to specify the user and group ownership of a file?

44 Which of the following, when used with the telinit command, will cause a system to read the /etc/inittab file and implement new changes?

45 Which tool, native to Windows XP, is used to monitor system resources?
Performance Tool

46 What is the function of the netstat utility?
It displays information about a network such as connections, routing tables, and interfaces.

47 Which Linux partition generally contains the kernel?

48 Which of the following statements is true of NIS?
Slave servers provide load sharing for the NIS server.
49 What is the name of the standard X Window terminal program?

50 After configuring Web services with Windows XP, what two methods can be used to view the default web page? (Choose two.)
Users can view the default web page by submitting the address via a web browser on the Windows XP server.
Users can view the default web page by submitting the IP address of the Windows XP server via a web browser on the Windows XP server.

51 A technician is setting up a Windows workstation that has an IP address of to work on a network that contains a Linux file server with the IP address What should the technician do to view the IP configuration on the workstation?
run ipconfig /all on the workstation

52 Which file system type is recommended for a Linux hard disk partition to be used for applications and data?

53 Which are three reasons a company may choose Linux over Windows as an operating system? (Choose three.)
Running a Linux server without a GUI will increase efficiency and reliability. This option is not available in server versions of Windows.
After a user has purchased a copy of Linux, it can be installed on any number of computers for no additional charge.
By default, users must provide a username and password to log into a Linux system, which improves system security.

54 Which of the following directories contains most of the Linux system log files?

55 How can a technician change the IP address of a Windows 2000 system?
right-click on My Network Places > Properties and then Local Area Network > Properties > TCP/IP > Properties

56 What are two ways a Windows client can connect to a shared network printer? (Choose two.)
Add Printer Wizard
net use command

57 Which two of the following are common Linux super-servers? (Choose two.)

58 A technician in a small company has been asked to install Windows 2000 onto a laptop that belongs to a manager. Which installation option should the technician choose?

59 Which command is used to change groups after a user has logged into a system?

60 The administrator of a Windows 2000 system believes that the reason for the reduced performance of the network is due to the condition of the server's disks. What Windows 2000 tool can the administrator use to get the most complete information regarding the status of the disks on the server?
Click on Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management.

61 A technician is given a Windows 2000 computer that apparently has an inoperable modem card. What should the technician do first?

check in Device Manager to see if there are any icons next to the modem device

62 In Windows 2000, which two categories within Computer Management under System Tools store logged information? (Choose two.)
Performance Logs and Alerts
Event Viewer

63 What are three important considerations when designing a server? (Choose three.)

memory requirements
CPU speed
hard disk type

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